The Visualization and Emerging Media Studio at UBC Okanagan is dedicated to exploring, developing and researching immersive media and emerging technologies.

VEMS features Canada’s highest-resolution, 3D, VR-ready video wall. Located in the Commons (COM107), the studio is specially designed to host use-cases that are otherwise impossible in other environments, including:

  • Shared immersive experiences without the hinderances of traditional VR equipment
  • Ultra-high resolution scientific simulation and data visualization
  • High-powered graphics workstation to perform computationally intensive processes
  • Specialized suite of visual collaboration tools with video conferencing and recording capabilities

High-performance computing coupled with intelligent user-experience design allow the tools and technologies in VEMS to be used with no specialized training. User presets can be configured so that groups may recreate their room settings easily, lowering setup and teardown times.

A blueprint of the VEMS screen


Experience light, colour, sound and motion like never before. Whether viewing archival footage from the past or projecting visions of the future, the video wall located in the VEMS is a blank canvas for your imagination.

Advanced consultation and support services are provided by UBCO staff to facilitate more sophisticated use cases.

Integration into the environment is easy: a ceiling-mounted equipment grid provides ample opportunity for semi-permanent installation and networking of any desired sensors, controllers or specialized equipment. Generous power, multiple audio-visual inputs and outputs and network connectivity are also located on the ceiling, walls and floor, providing incredible flexibility.





36,501 in2

screen real-estate

VR equipment


Immerse yourself in new worlds or enhance the one you are in!
Experience the freedom of exploring new and emerging technologies within VEMS.

Simply because it is not physical, does not mean it is not real! Extended realities, 3D models, holograms and many other new and exciting fields are rapidly evolving our ability to communicate, express, work and play. VEMS is dedicated to supporting all areas of emerging technology and media to bolster artful innovation.

Put the performance graphics work stations to the test with the latest software and applications, or explore hardware offering 6-degrees of freedom hand and head tracking in a 2m2 play area.

Available Hardware

  • HTC Vive Pro Eye
  • Oculus Rift S
  • Oculus Quest
  • Google Cardboard
  • Looking Glass Displays
  • Leap Motion Controller

Available Software

  • Unity
  • Blender
  • Reality Capture
  • Autodesk Maya

CONNECT + Collaborate + start a project

VEMS wants to collaborate with you and evolve your course or research using our space, technology and expertise.

Reach out to the Visualization and Emerging Media Studio to begin exploring the possibilities.


VEMS team in front of the screens